Let’s talk about the weather…..

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Let’s talk about the weather…..

We expect everyone is very happy that we’ve all enjoyed a lovely sunny weekend after a long cold winter!

However, we do live in Melbourne and we all know that means rain can happen at any time whether it’s supposed to be Summer or not! Melbourne is very much like our native UK where you have to be prepared for any weather and especially on such an important day as your wedding!

We’ve been very lucky over the years that we have (touch wood!) only had a few very rainy days, most of the time it will have cleared by the afternoon but occasionally the weather decides that it is going to continue to rain all day. This can be very disappointing but just remember this is a special day of celebration and you are marrying your loved one no matter what the weather is doing!

Our experience over the years means that we’ll find somewhere to still produce some lovely photos for you, in fact we quite enjoy the challenge of having to get even more creative! You don’t need a huge amount of space but we look for an interesting feature which could be a lamp, a painting, textured wall or an interesting piece of furniture and make the most of what is available. With some venues we are luckier than others but there is always something we can use and then we can work some magic in post-processing!

Try to have a wet weather back-up plan for a beach or outdoor wedding or make sure if rain is forecast to have plenty of umbrellas available. We have two white golfing umbrellas which we use for our couple and then more for us to hold over each other or find a willing helper!

Ashcombe Maze wedding


Just after the ceremony for Karen and Justin’s wedding the heavens opened! Luckily we found this rustic wall for some photos, as you can see the overhang didn’t give much shelter!

wet rain wedding


It’s still raining but Karen really wanted this shot in front of the old gate so Steve is holding the umbrella whilst Kim takes the shot!

wet rain wedding


Running for cover after the shot!

couple wedding


We headed back to the reception venue but guests were already arriving so we found this quiet room, rearranged it a little and we were able to get an additional set of images for them!

wet rain wedding


Megan and Gary’s wedding gets the prize for the wettest day! The rain started just as Megan arrived at Seawinds on Arthurs Seat. We managed to get through the ceremony but it turned monsoonal at the end and everyone had to run for cover!

wet rain wedding


They are still happy and smiling at having just tied the knot!

wet rain wedding


After everyone had dried out we were able to shoot their family shots, bridal party and their photos inside and outside at Brooklands of Mornington. The limo driver very kindly assisted us with light and more umbrellas.

wet rain wedding


Another shot of a guest at Megan and Gary’s wedding, you can see how hard the rain is coming down! The other shot is from Sam and Trev’s wedding but rain and umbrellas can provide some sweet photos!

wet rain wedding


Here Dorienne is our bride running for cover when we arrived at the location, this was one of her favourite pictures from the day! The right hand one is Karen and Justin taking a private moment!

Bride wedding


We took shelter in the lobby of one of the apartment blocks in Docklands and it’s contemporary design and artwork provided us with some great backdrops.

Indoor wedding photos


We took full advantage of some display bamboo and for Sam’s wedding we headed to the holiday house the family had rented. Fortunately that had a large porch and balcony for shots together as well as a great staircase!

stormy sky wedding party on beach


Having some fun with colourful umbrellas before the rain hits!

stormy sky wedding on beach


Stormy skies can add lots of drama to wedding images!

wet rain wedding


Making use of a rustic doorway at Morning Star Estate in Mt Eliza

hot day wedding


…..and finally, the opposite! This was a 40 degree day in a large church in the city for Melisa and Luke’s wedding, the children are making use of the order of services as fans. Make sure if it’s going to be hot you have some fans and water handily available for everyone!

We hope your wedding day is perfect weather wise and if it’s slightly overcast or has a thin veil of cloud your photographer will be very happy! The light will be more even so no harsh shadows with the bridal party having to squint. Try (and we know it’s hard!) going without your sunnies for a few days before the wedding so your eyes adjust and it will be easier on the day, we promise!